#StageTwo Competition

StageTwo first round already on the way. UBB teams competing in Innovation Labs 2021 get the opportunity to construct their product and develop their business idea to launch them at the European level. Who is going to #StageTwo finals in Berlin?

We proudly present the UBB teams and their ideas!


Members: Paul Chiroi (UBB, Fac. of Biology),Ruxandra Simonescu Colan, Andrei Spunei and Karoly Orban (Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy)

Idea: create a mobile app that will be your „digital elbow in case you snore”’ the mobile app will pair with a smartwatch in order to detect apnea episodes. Our solution will solve a problem that affects the everyday life of milions of people.


Member: Mihai Anton (UBB alumni)

Idea: Create a tool that can be used as assistent for data analysis by small companies and start-ups, that cannot afford to hire someone, but are in need for data science. The innovative aspect of my approach lies in automatically chosing the most suitaable ML algorithm for data analysis.


Members: Andrei Hoffman, Alexandru Albu, Alexandru Pîslariu (Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science)

Idea: We designed an application for transportation companies, that will ease the work of dispatchers by computing optimal routes while efficiently managing trucks and drivers.


Members: Horațiu Răduțiu, Ștefan Cîrstea, Rareș Aștilean, Cristian Pinkovai (Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science)

Idea: Imagine you want to find out about black holes, and you are having a conversation with an expert, such as Stephen Hawking. Our aplication is a chatbot that will simulate the voice of a person, learning from his or her written speeches.


Members: Moldovan Cristian-Ioan, Morariu Armand-Angel, Neamtu Claudiu, Gal Paula (Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science)

Idea: Our project is a minimal and efficient browser extension against pishing attacks. These security attacks are more and more present and cause a significant amount of data breaches over the internet. In short, users will be notified in real time about the danger of the visited pages.


Members: Radu Galan, Diana Mocanu, Ancuta Hij, Andrei Caia, Iulia Centea, Sanda Micu, Sebastian Giurgiu (Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science)

Idea: Our idea is virtual assistent that will organize your turist experience, taking advantage of best offers, visiting the most interesting locations, while managing the budget and time. Based on location recommendations, our application will propose an itinerary in real time and provide navigation throughout the route.


Members: Dragos Duse (UBB), Mihai Cata, Mohsin Raza, Roxana Săbău, Diana Andritchi

Idea: Mediq is a software that will contour cancerous tumors and risk organs, using ML algorithms, reducing the time needed for defining the radiotherapy plans for patient and providing increased precision and objectivity.


Members: Radu Vîtca (UBB, Fac. of Business), Andrei Covaciu and Flavius Fulea (Technical Univ. of Cluj-Napoca)

Idea: BOOKR is an application that facilitates the relation between service businesses and their clients. Customers can find on BOOKR platform all kind of services such as: beauty salons, dental clinics, physicians. The advantages of our approach reside in 24/7 management of appointments, CRM, sales managements and diverse marketplace.

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