LIF Global 2022

LIF Global provides emerging leaders in the international innovation community with access to high-quality skills training focused on commercialisation, a network of peers in their own country, the UK and around the world, and a rich and varied experience with immediate and long-term benefits for their innovations.

The programme welcomes individuals with an interest in entrepreneurship and have an engineering based innovation that has the potential to contribute to the social and economic development of their country.

The LIF Global programme involves six months of bespoke training and follow-on support, including:

  • Expert mentoring
  • On-going support at the home institution
  • Access to an international network of peer innovators and mentors
  • Access to resources, webinars and opportunities on the LIF online community
  • In-country, UK-based and regional events (COVID-19 restrictions permitting)

The training is highly tailored to each participant’s unique goals and challenges, as well as covering business fundamentals like business modelling, sales and marketing, leadership, value proposition and finance. Participants benefit from expert mentoring and support, as well as membership of a thriving LIF alumni community.

Applications for LIF Global are now open! The rolling process opened on 25 October 2021 and will close on 22 November 2021 at 12pm GMT. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Please refer to the How to apply page for further information.